MOTION SKATEPARK CONSTRUCTION (MSC) is a team of  experienced  & dedicated individuals passionate about building good quality, well designed and Fun skateparks. With over 10 years experience building concrete & wood  skateparks around Indonesia we focus on the design aspect, Project Costing and guaranteed Contruction Quality.

MSC is a multitalented company that specializes in Skatepark building both Public and Private. All aspects of Skateparks are possible including Indoor, outdoor, Street Plaza, Bowl, and Landscape work. Some of our Clients Include Volcom, Deus, Insight, Ripcurl, Summarecon Group & Sinar Mas Group


"Our Mission is to help the Skate Scene in Indonesia grow by building skateparks that are designed & constructed at an international Level."

David Francisco


David is experienced in all methods of Concrete, Wood and Metal Work. A jack of all trades he too is passionate about the Indonesian skate scene. He learned a lot during the Building of BASE skatepark in 2006. He has since built partnered up with Afandy to build many skateparks with MSC.

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Motion Skatepark Sunset Road 420 Cafe Legong, 80361

Tel +62 81236490555, Email info@motionsk8parks.com